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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management Consulting

Organisations are experiencing an increased concern and focus on Risk Management. The challenge for management of both private and public organisations is to determine how much uncertainty to accept as it strives toward achieving the organisation’s objectives and delivering value to their stakeholders. The solution to this challenge is the establishment of an Enterprise Risk Management System and process that effectively identify, assess, and manage risk within acceptable tolerance levels. 

Our Enterprise Risk Management consulting services provide a structured, practical, results-oriented approach that assists organisations to design and implement an appropriate Enterprise Risk Management System, incorporating the policies, procedures, practices, and accountability required to establish the right levels of Risk Management in compliance with the Corporate Governance requirements for their organisations. Our consultants and partners have a sound understanding of the COSO – Enterprise Risk Management framework, King II Corporate Governance Guidelines, and Basel II Capital Accord, and related frameworks. The Risk Management solutions and methodologies can be implemented by organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, e.g. public, private, non-profit, educational, manufacturing and include: 

• Implementing Enterprise Risk Management frameworks
• Reviewing and developing Risk Management strategies, policies and procedures
• Recommending key Risk Management tools
• Determining the major risks facing your organisation
• Develop risk models that determines various essential organisation-specific risk parameters 

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a critical component of the Enterprise Risk Management process, and requires an organisation to identify and manage potential events that may affect an organisation’s ability to successfully implement strategy and achieve objectives. Having identified and assessed the relevant risks, management should determine how it will respond. Responses could include risk avoidance, reduction, sharing, and acceptance.

Our Risk Assessment services are designed to assist you, through a methodical assessment of your major organisational risks, to:

• Identify and adopt a suitable risk assessment methodology
• Develop criteria for accepting risks
• Identify acceptable levels of risk
• Assess potential threats and vulnerabilities
• Develop risk registers that lists all the identified risks and the results of their analysis and evaluation
• Choose risk responses that will bring anticipated risk likelihood and impact within risk tolerances
• Ensure that risk assessments produce comparable and reproducible results

The results of the Risk Assessment would guide and determine the appropriate action for managing organisation-wide risks and for implementing controls selected to protect against these risks.

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