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IT Governance

IT has established itself as one of the central factors for achieving the company’s goals and is therefore the focus of senior management but generally at a high level business strategy. 

In many cases, the consistent alignment of IT goals with business goals does not take place nor are individually adapted IT governance structures established to translate a high level strategy into day-to-day practice.  

IT governance is a subset of corporate governance which focuses on “performance” and “conformance” and establishing a balance between these two objectives. The five IT governance areas are: 

• IT Business Alignment
• Risk Management
• Resource Management
• Value Delivery
• Performance Measurement

Governance of IT encompasses several initiatives for board members and executive management. They must be aware of the role and impact of IT on the enterprise, define constraints within which IT professionals should operate, measure performance, understand risk and obtain assurance."  (Reference: IT Governance Institute)

To implement IT governance an IT governance framework should be established as outlined below:


(Adapted from ITGI, 2007, p. 12)

Cynosure Solutions can provide assessments, guidance and advice throughout the process of implementing a strong IT governance framework for your organization. The most common approach is to start with an assessment that will provide the baseline and provide the foundation to the organizations’ implementation plan.

With proven methodologies and processes, Cynosure Solutions can meaningfully and efficiently bring the strategic focus of your IT into line with business requirements. 

• Development of an IT strategy that is coordinated with the business strategy; orientation of IT around business requirements
• Creation of an internal controlling and monitoring system to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements 
• Performance of internal assessments and audits based on national and international reference models and standards derived from industry-specific requirements
• Planning, setup and introduction of IT frameworks based on diverse best practices such as Cobit, CMMI or with certification according to ISO 20000

In collaboration with your IT management team, we implement complete solutions with the goal of establishing your IT governance as an instrument for maximising your business goals.