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Information Security Consulting

Information Security - A Business requirement

Several organizations have adopted Information Security Governance as a holistic approach towards systematic enterprise risk management. This helps ensure that information security is aligned with the company's strategic goals and meets the organizational objectives.

Information Security Consulting Services

Our consulting teams take a process based approach to each assignment, with meticulous project planning and attention to detail. The approach has built in quality checks to ensure high quality delivery while adhering to project timelines. The deliverables are structured to be clear and concise, and offer management not only a technological perspective, but a business perspective as well for each recommendation.

Information Security Consulting Services

Cynosure Solutions offers a wide range of consulting services to address the complete spectrum of information security requirements of enterprises through the complete information life-cycle.

Consulting Services Organizational Benefits
Enterprise Security Audit To audit against international standards and frameworks and report on the compliance of processes, applications, technical security and user awareness.
Vulnerability Assessments Assessment of Technical Controls and Prioritize the Implementation of Controls. Establish an effective Technical Vulnerabilities Reduction Metrics
Penetration Testing Our Proof of Concept documents add value to the Customers in taking immediate necessary action to ensure that the Systems are hardened.
Application Security Assessment To check for the security of the applications as per the OWASP guidelines. Evaluate the portfolio ofapplications on web connected devises and each layer of application logic for potential vulnerabilities.
Compliance Audit Compliance audit against ISO27001, GLBA, HIPAA, SAS 70, SOXand otherinternational security standards/ guidelines.
Security Process Review To check for the adequacy and compliance of the security policies, procedures and standards.
BCP/ DRP Consulting Ensuring Business Resilience and providing immediate, accurate and measured response to emergency situations. Facilitate the recovery of Critical Business Process to reduce the overall negative impact on Business and revenue.
ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Consulting Top Driven and Consistent approach to address Compliance and Risk Management. Establishes Information System/Process Assurance. Frontier's Information Security Consulting follows established methodologies to enable Organization get Certified to ISO 27001 and sustain the ISMS certification.
Security Policy Design Designing and Developing Information Security Policies, procedures, standards and guidelines after a detailed study of the business process and security requirement.
Network Security Architecture Study the existing network design, network and security device positioning and suggest/ recommend redesign of the network taking into consideration confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and ease of network and security administration.
Security Policy Deployment To implement organization wide information security policies and procedures to ensure that corporate information and assets are protected from unauthorized access, disclosure and modification.
Enterprise Security Management To manage the security process and controls organization wide 24/7 and provide real time alerts and recommendations thereby ensuring proactive security measures and preventing disruption of service.
Security Product Management To manage the networking & security devices (servers, routers, firewalls, IPS, UTM's etc) organization wide and provide real time alerts and recommendations thereby ensuring proactive security measures and preventing disruption of service.
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