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Security Assessment Services

Identify Threats Before They Attack

Cynosure Solutions offers four specific Security Assessment services designed to help you identify security vulnerabilities before they happen, and plan remedial actions to correct these exposures. Their Security Assessment services help identify threats to your network security infrastructure and processes, including data vulnerabilities, hardware and software vulnerabilities, transmission vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and leakage of sensitive information:

• The Vulnerability Assessment looks at security from the inside, determining specific services and ports that are available on your hosts, and documenting all known attacks to which they may be exposed.

• The Penetration Test looks at your security from the outside, running exploitation tools against hosts within your environment in order to identify possible risks that may be exploited using common hacker methods. 

• The Configuration Audit looks at your system component configurations and will determine if they are aligned with industry best practices and   regulatory requirements such as: PCI, GLBA,   HIPPA, DISA STIGS, NIST, CIS, Microsoft, Red   Hat, Solaris, etc. 

• The Data Loss Prevention Assessment looks for the presence of sensitive information   throughout your network and infrastructure such as: Credit Card Information, Social Security Numbers, Health Care Information, Financial Information, Classified Information, etc. 

Look to Cynosure Solutions to help you gain a foothold against the constant threat of IT intrusion.