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Infrastructure Management

The Enterprise Challenge

Your organization relies on the availability of its data and the applications that feed that data in order to succeed. A fundamental component of the IT discipline is managing and maintaining the infrastructure that delivers this content to the end user. You know that you must devote resources to the development of innovative new solutions but you must devote the same resources that would perform the arduous, day-to-day infrastructure management tasks.

You are increasingly being asked to do more with fewer resources and the responsibility falls to you to determine where the trade-offs should reside. Given that you cannot sacrifice availability and uptime of the infrastructure that powers today’s business in exchange for innovation to enable tomorrow’s strategies, it is clear where the decision must fall.

What if you could support both objectives without sacrificing productivity and while at the same time eliminate a substantial amount of your costs? With Cynosure Solutions’ Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) services, this is a reality.

Cynosure Solutions Offering

By utilizing Cynosure Solutions’ IMS services, you free your resources from laborious day-to-day management responsibility and enable a focus on more strategic activities. With services ranging from monitoring and management; to integration and customization; to full architectural design and transformation; Cynosure Solutions IMS becomes an extension of your IT department. You no longer need to devote key resources to non-differentiating activities. Rather, you transfer management responsibility to Cynosure Solutions IMS. As you do so, you need not be concerned about losing control. With Cynosure Solutions IMS, you remain in complete control but eliminate many of the actual day-to-day responsibilities.

Cynosure Solutions has the knowledge, experience and portfolio of skills and services to manage complex and enterprise IT infrastructure environments.

Cynosure Solutions offers Several Modes of Engagement Depending on Client Requirements 

On Call Support Services
On Site Support Services
IT Staff Augmentation

Cynosure Solutions Infrastructure Management Services include:

Desktop Management
Server Management
Database Management
Data Center Management
Helpdesk and IT Service Management