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Data Center Management

The Enterprise Challenge

As your business increases its reliance on technology, your data center environments invariably grow more complex and difficult to manage. To provide the information that drives your organization’s success, you are tasked with developing and maintaining top-notch facilities to support the high-availability and always-on reliability that your end users require. Within these facilities, you must manage a tangled web of server equipment, networking gear, databases and storage devices. To do so, you must attract and retain talent with a diverse set of technology backgrounds and areas of specialization.

You must keep a vigilant eye on the state of the existing infrastructure, meeting stringent service level agreements put in place by your internal customers. This requires constant scanning of the hardware and software landscape, searching for new vulnerabilities and the patches required to remediate against them. At the same time, you must also evolve to meet changing requirements across industry and regulatory compliance programs, ensuring that both the physical and logical designs behind your data center meet applicable standards. 

As if this were not enough, you are also challenged with developing contingency plans to ensure business continuity in the event of disaster. To top it all, you are given the added challenge of innovating across the data center landscape, evaluating alternatives to traditional server infrastructure such as virtualization in an attempt to drive down costs and improve overall performance. 

Without an army of internal resources, achieving all of these goals is an unrealistic expectation. However, with the right amount of outside support from a pioneering organization such as Cynosure Solutions IMS, anything is possible. 

The Cynosure Solutions Solution

At Cynosure Solutions IMS, we understand your organization faces significant challenges with regard to data center management. As a result, we have designed the broadest and most flexible suite of Data Center Management and Outsourcing services available across the global marketplace. By turning to Cynosure Solutions IMS, you can deliver against all your objectives at a fraction of the cost of managing internally. 

Cynosure Solutions IMS Data Center Management and Outsourcing Services

Whether you require onsite assistance in managing your existing data center, remote server monitoring and management, fully managed application hosting, offsite data center outsourcing to support your Business Continuity (BC)/Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy or consulting and implementation services behind advanced data center solutions, Cynosure Solutions IMS can assist you. 

On-site Data Center Management

• Server management 
• Network management 
• Database administration 
• Security policy management 
• Asset management and capacity planning 
• Facilities management 

Advanced Data Center Consolidation and Implementation Services

• Virtualization, HPC and Grid Computing 
• Advanced Networking 
• Adaptive Facilities Management and Planning 
• Data Center Security 
• Data Center Optimization