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Helpdesk and IT Service Management

The Enterprise Challenge

In many instances, technology actually becomes a burden on productivity as the end user faces issues with real-time availability, with application compatibility and with a basic understanding of the toolsets required to perform his or her daily functions. For this reason, maintaining a skilled and responsive helpdesk to support your employees is of the utmost importance. The most effective helpdesk solutions incorporate an IT Service Management (ITSM) discipline in which the true use of the technology in question is of paramount concern.

However, as your organization grows in size and complexity, developing an ITSM focus and maintaining the right skill-sets within your helpdesk environment become incredibly difficult and costly exercises. Additionally, as your organization expands in terms of geographical reach, providing 24x7x365 helpdesk support becomes even more costly as you are forced to staff multiple call centers or work under an around the clock staffing model.

While your organization cannot function without effective, ITSM-based helpdesk services in place, maintaining internal capabilities is often an unrealistic proposition. Your organization requires an effective alternative to internal management and Cynosure Solutions represents the best, most seasoned alternative in the marketplace.

The Cynosure Solutions IMS Solution 

As a result of engagements with hundreds of customers across the globe, Cynosure Solutions IMS has developed unrivaled experience across all major technology and application platforms. This experience has enabled us to develop industry leading Helpdesk and ITSM services. Supporting millions of end-users throughout the past decade, we have developed a deep understanding of ITSM principles and a tested methodology for implementing those principles in our Helpdesk services. 

By turning to Cynosure Solutions IMS, your end users will encounter the highest levels of support for their application and technology issues, your organization will recognize significant cost savings over internally managed solutions and your productivity levels will skyrocket as issues are dealt with and resolved in real-time. 

Cynosure Solutions IMS Helpdesk and ITSM Services

• Helpdesk Services 
  o Design, Setup and Management of Helpdesk facilities 
  o Migration of existing facilities 
  o Upgrading of existing facilities 
  o Shared and dedicated helpdesk service models 
  o Customized management reporting 

• ITIL and ITSM Services 
  o Study and Analysis of existing ITSM operations
  o Consulting on ITIL and ITSM service desk implementations