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On Site Support Services

Onsite (Outsourced IT Staff) Services:

Cynosure Solutions' Onsite Outsourced IT Services agreement provides the perfect solution for fast developing companies with growing IT needs. As your user community increase in size, you will reach a critical juncture where there’s a need for semi-permanent IT staffing yet you cannot justify having a full-time certified support professional on your employee payroll with all the extra costs that entails. With Cynosure Solutions’ Outsourced IT Services plan you will have one of Cynosure Solutions’ experienced Engineers, Administrators or Technicians on site at your disposal for as many days each week as you decide. It’s the most cost-effective and flexible way to manage your IT staffing budget. 

What is included:

Every business has some specialist needs that are specific to each company but all networks have the same core support requirement – i.e. the need to maintain a secure, robust IT infrastructure with high availability and to provide efficient problem resolution for the user community. Under an Outsourced Service agreement Cynosure Solutions can develop a custom maintenance and support plan that meets the needs of your business to include initial documentation of your network, identifying and resolving problems and issues, making consultative recommendations on infrastructure improvements and upgrades and commence development of a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Flexible Support:

If your budget is limited or if you have existing IT staff already on-site and are contracting Cynosure Solutions to augment an existing IT department, then of course, you may choose to just task Cynosure Solutions with basic system administration and user support. The choice is yours – under the plan, we are at your disposal. We can work off a specific task list or provide you with a full turnkey IT support service.

Under this plan, you must commit to full hire days (8 hour slots), not partial days, but you may choose as few or as many days each week as you require. The minimum contract period is one month with no cancellation fees. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Services Plan Benefits:

• The assigned Cynosure Solutions Engineer or System Administrator can handle any routine support task while on-site and will set up a Network Assurance plan after the initial network documentation phase. An assigned Engineer or System Administrator can also work with you to set up Disaster Recovery Planning at your discretion. Cynosure Solutions strongly recommends all businesses have a valid, functional Disaster Recovery Plan. 

• Under the plan, Cynosure Solutions can fully support mission critical IT departments that require the immediate response that comes from having IT support staff on-site rather than waiting for an on-call engineer to arrive. 

• Lets you efficiently handle various user community support requests as a group rather than responding in an ad hoc fashion on an on-call basis. 

• Benefits include simplified billing and departmental budgeting through pre-determined support costs. 

• Augment a growing IT department where existing staff can no longer handle the volume of support requests. Cynosure Solutions can work with your existing IT staff to help you administer your network while you are in an interim phase prior to being able to justify an additional full-time employee for your IT department. 

Help Desk Support:

Cynosure Solutions has experience in managing Help Desk systems. We can optionally help you setup a Help Desk system for efficient handling of support tickets.