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My Report

MyReport: Reporting Solution for Excel UsersReport One has created MyReport™ software in order to help the companies to organize, analyze and diffuse their data in the form of dashboards & reports, without changing the practices of work of the users. MyReport™ is a reporting tool for management and decision analysis accessible to all manpower of your company.

MyReport™ makes it possible to extract the data from your internal applications such as ERP, CRM, Accounting package, Payroll, Commercial Management, CRM or multiple databases like Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Interbase, Informix, AS 400 (DB2) and MS Access or existing files like Excel worksheets, CSV files, etc., to create, update automatically and distribute your reports &dashboards using Excel® interface. 

Once the reports are conceived, a simple click can automatically schedule the update and broadcast of the reports.Its functionalities, such as dynamic update, analysis, simulation or scheduled broadcast make MyReport™ a functional reporting tool, much appreciated from all the departments of the company: Finances, Sales, Marketing, HR, Production, Supply Chain etc.

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MyReport Modules

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MyReport is divided in 5 modules.
Some required technical knowledge and some are for the end users.
MyReport data MyReport Data allows connexion to databases (ERP, Accounting, CRM...), the transformation of these data and the creation of a Datawarehouse in order to provide to the end users intelligible data for the creation of their reports.
MyReport datarun MyReport Datarun schedules and automate the update of the datawarehouse created by MyReport Data.
MyReport Builder MyReport Builder is integrated in Excel (or OpenOffice) under the shape of a new tool bar and allows, in an intuitive way, the creation of elaborated reports. Reporting become so easy with MyReport.
MyReport Page The design of reporting tables, listings and graphs for the web ... and making them available on MyReport Center.
MyReport Viewer MyReport Viewer allows the dynamic update and access to the detail of information (Zoom / Drill down functionality without modification of the structure of the report.
MyReport Center The shared storage space on the web for downloading files created with MyReport Builder and for consultation and dynamic update of reportings designed with MyReport Page.
MyReport Messenger Messenger is the tool used for automatic broadcast of the reports.

If you are evaluating BI & Reporting solution or would like to know more about MyReport email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +971-6-548 9686