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Information Security

Cynosure Solutions offers Information Security Solutions to secure enterprise systems and networks with particular expertise in protecting IT infrastructures for our customers who operate in classified environments. We design, configure, and deploy security architectures based on assessments of our customers' current and future IT needs, mission objectives, and regulatory requirements, in addition to specific threats from unauthorized users. In connection with implementing tailored architectures, we help define and implement Information Security policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure effective future IT planning.

Our highly skilled and accredited consultants research and implement security policies, provide technical support, and develop comprehensive security assessment plans. We also identify potential threats and vulnerabilities and design and implement corrective action plans that employ advanced technologies, such as Encryption, IDS & IPS, UTMs and firewalls, using both off-the-shelf products and custom security and software solutions. 

Featured Information Security
Network and Perimeter Security

Security risks are a fact of life when dealing with computers, networks and servers. There are internal and external threats that can get into your...

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Network and Remote Access

A reliable data and voice network is of crucial importance to all businesses. A network is the life blood of your IT infrastructure, delivering app...

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Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Businesses that want to protect their networks from external attacks have a number of powerful tools at their disposal. Firewalls, for example, do a v...

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Identity & Access Management

Getting information instantly to those who need it is one of the great benefits of technology. Keeping that information away from those who shouldn't ...

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Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security Protection What is Endpoint Security Protection? How does it protect you? How does Endpoint Security Protection work? What ar...

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Wireless Security

With the increased use of mobile technologies and wireless networking organizations are forced to deploy wireless network security systems to protect ...

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Content Security

The security of information systems has become increasingly complex in recent years. The increase in content attacks requires aggressive and percep...

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