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Identity & Access Management

Getting information instantly to those who need it is one of the great benefits of technology. Keeping that information away from those who shouldn't have it is one of technology's greatest challenges.

This is where we come in. With years of industry knowledge, the strategic solutions that Cynosure Solutions offers can help you centrally manage access to your critical information across multiple systems and applications.

These solutions include Web single sign-on, authentication management, access control, user provisioning and compliance reporting. Together they will streamline and automate the management of digital identities throughout your entire enterprise with an end goal to expedite the flow of information to those with a legitimate reason to have it and deny it to those who don't. 

Cynosure Solutions’ Identity and Access Management Solutions include:

User Provisioning

Whether applications reside in the enterprise or the cloud, managing the identities and access of users is a critical function for IT departments. At the same time, these departments are under increasing pressure to cut operating costs while demonstrating continuous compliance. The manual granting and removing of user access can prove to be costly for any organization, and not just in terms of overhead, but the potential security risks created by these inconsistent processes. Automating user provisioning and application access based on each user’s relationship and role within your organization will reduce security risks by ensuring appropriate access for individuals – whether they are employees, contractors, customers or business partners. An automated user provisioning solution will also improve operational efficiencies by getting new users on board faster and reducing your help desk burden. The result is a smarter, more efficiently managed infrastructure that helps IT save money, reduce risk and deliver a more reliable service. 

Strong Authentication

Usernames and passwords are yesterday's ways of user authentication. Today’s regulatory compliance requirements demand organizations provide better protection for their valuable information assets than a simple username and password can provide. 

An effective strong authentication solution should provide you with a better understanding and clear visibility on who accessed what, when and how within your infrastructure. The strong authentication solutions offered by Cynosure Solutions provide you with the tools you need to reduce password management costs, while increasing end user productivity and ensuring increased overall security. 

Cynosure Solutions can help you with your Strong Authentication initiatives, to include:

• Two factor Authentication
• Biometrics
• PKI Infrastructure
• Adaptive Authentication
• Smartcard Authentication

Single Sign-on

Today’s distributed work environments require users to access multiple applications throughout the course of their daily routine. In turn, driven by data security and compliance requirements, each system has its own authentication procedure, requiring users to enter a unique user ID and password. In an effort to accommodate these diverse processes, users resort to insecure practices such as writing down passwords or using the same password for multiple applications. As such, a solution is needed to help balance the security need of protecting sensitive data with the business need to provide workers with efficient access to this information. 

An effective Single Sign-On solution will automate the login processes associated with secure applications as well as provide centralized control over the application process. The end result is not only reports on access activities for compliance audits, but also reduced password related help desk costs, elevated protection for sensitive applications, and increased employee satisfaction and productivity.