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Network and Remote Access

A reliable data and voice network is of crucial importance to all businesses. A network is the life blood of your IT infrastructure, delivering applications, data and voice services quickly to end-users when required. A network should be reliable, resilient, perform well and have the ability to prioritise critical applications when required. Our engineers have many years experience in deploying resilient network infrastructures for businesses. We work with industry leading network vendors including Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortinet and Juniper.

Wide Area Networks - Site to Site and Internet Connectivity

For most businesses, a connection to the Internet or to head office is of critical importance. We can tailor an Internet or multi-site connectivity solution to your requirements, based on the mission criticality of the connection and your budget. It is possible to multi-home or load balance more than one connection from different ISPs for increased performance and redundancy.

Local Area Networks - Connecting inside your Office

Using the latest networking technologies, our engineers can implement a robust and resilient network infrastructure while eliminating single points of failure in your network. An optimised network infrastructure will allow your company to enjoy the highest availability of services, while being scalable enough to allow your company to grow into the future. Installing the right network infrastructure can translate into to a higher return on investment and lower total cost of ownership by offering maximum availability while reducing costly downtime, maximum performance, enhanced security and simplified administration.

Remote Access VPNs

Much of your workforce may be mobile, work from home or occasionally require access to your corporate network from outside the office. There are a number of VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions available to allow your employees to remotely and securely access the corporate network for access to files, email, applications or even to dial out through your telephone PBX. Our engineers can recommend a secure remote access implementation to suit your needs and budget.

Network Security

Securing your network and valuable data assets is of vital importance. With the evolving needs of businesses requiring instant remote access to business critical services and applications, security is of ever increasing importance. Network perimeter defences are the first line of defence to guard against external threats. We have a wide range of experience with industry-leading security vendors. We offer a variety of security technologies and methodologies that help secure your network and keep your data assets protected including network admission control (NAC), where your users are required to authenticate and have the latest operating system and anti-virus updates installed before being given full access to your network.