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Cloud Migration and Deployment Services

Transforming IT through rapid migration of Infrastructure and Applications to the cloud.

In the Internet-driven market environment, agility and speed are key factors to business success. The migration of enterprise data and applications, through automated infrastructure facilities and the ability to change rapidly, helps enterprises enter the market faster. 

Cynosure’s cloud migration and deployment services include a standardized migration and system integration, ensuring the smooth, seamless migration of enterprise data, applications, etc. to the cloud. At the same time, based on the needs of the project, we plan the enterprises’ assets and resources in the cloud in advance. We also finish the necessary testing work in order to avoid the risk of the migration. We can provide our clients with a standardized method for the migration and consolidation of applications, data, and hardware. We can also provide a customized approach to migration and deployment based on client’s unique needs. As one of the few providers who can successfully implement full life cycle cloud deployment, Cynosure is committed to helping clients maximize the benefits of their cloud computing investment, making cloud migration easier and more efficient.

How We Help:

To migrate an Whether your IT staff is large, small, or nonexistent, Cynosure Solutions acts as the perfect compliment to your team, offering a full range of services that shift focus away from maintaining your infrastructure to growing your company. By working with us, you get Microsoft certified expertise on your side to build, support and manage your environment in the cloud.

Our Services:

• Consulting: With so many cloud services to choose from, it can be hard to find the right platform for your unique set of needs. Our Microsoft specialists leverage years of experience managing Office 365 & Azure projects to determine the right solution for you.

• Licensing: Cynosure Solutions offers license procurement for whatever cloud solution suits your fancy. And as a Silver Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and a CSP, Cynosure Solutions also provides direct Microsoft licensing, resulting in simplified billing and subscription management.

• Deployment: Choosing the cloud is one thing, but getting there is a challenge in and of itself. Cynosure Solutions helps businesses seamlessly migrate workloads into the cloud without downtime for users. We also assist with integrating new systems into existing IT, such as VPN or backup.

• Support: We provide 24/7 support options to companies that require a helping hand in maintaining their IT. Multiple tiers of service ensure that each business can find a plan that fits their needs, be it simple admin support for Office 365 or full IT outsourcing.

Cynosure's Approach:

Our migration framework is a five step process which has a well-defined artifacts and deliverable at every stage. Our strong alliance strategy and investments in tooling ensure that migration of applications to cloud is predictable and risk free.

• Design and Plan: Architect a cloud design for the identified workload to meet the objectives.
• Pilot: Conduct a pilot run to test the design and take customer feedback before doing full deployment.
• Implement: Full scale implementation on cloud and migration of applications, data and users.
• Test and Benchmark: Test, tune and benchmark performance. UAT and sign-off.
• Go-live: Post implementation monitoring, management and continous optimizations and enhancements.

Why Cynosure Solutions:

To migrate an IT infrastructure or application to the cloud environment, Cynosure undertakes a migration feasibility assessment considering factors such as technical feasibility, suitability, maturity and cost benefits. The migration feasibility analysis, checks for IT infrastructure and application readiness in terms of porting it to the cloud to assess business and technical impact. Cynosure is able to cut down the time while making the transition to the cloud risk-free by ensuring that the migration assessment takes into consideration application migration, data migration and cloud deployment. Cloud security services are also implemented to secure the cloud environment to prevent security breaches and be compliant to local regulations.Cynosure Solutions’s system integration solutions are already yielding great benefits to Financial, Manufacturing, Engineering and Trading and Educational institutions where it has helped in improving connectivity and customer satisfaction.

Cynosure Solutions is a Microsoft Silver Cloud Partner and supports customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain in the Middle East, GCC region and Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa in the Africa region.

If you are evaluating Cloud Data Center or Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions or for planning to deploy or migrate existing on premise IT Infrastrucure or business applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, CRM to cloud or on Azure email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +971-6-548 9686 and ask for a free cloud migration consulting session.