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Open Source IT Consulting

Are you looking for external help to analyze where Open Source can fit into your organizational development or you require more information to adopt new concepts or you just want to outsource your deployment?

Many times asking for help can be perceived as relinquishing control or the direction of your project. But, it is actually not a sign of weakness but of prudence that tells you that not everyone can be master in every field. We should therefore know when we require the expertise of the concerned professional. It is one of the soundest business decisions you will ever make.

Cynosure Solutions offers the expertise in the following services and is always there for you.

• We have skilled Open Source / Linux resources for deployment or Linux based development.
• We do on-line, off-line assessment of your current infrastructure to guide you to a level of possible Linux deployment.
• We even advice products suitable for your environment & provide pilot project implementation.
• We provide on-site, off-site based on our unmatched knowledge base, vast experience & expertise in handling all kind off open source projects.
• We provide consultancy for network integration, migration, software implementation, advances system administration support and more... 
• We do system audits to see robustness, functionality and security of the implementations and assess the system from an outsider/expert viewpoint. Consultancy to deploy solutions on Linux is also a part of our service area.

Besides IT Consultancy Services Cynosure Solutions offers Open Source Projects, Network, CRM, Migration & services to the companies requiring these services.

Pilot Projects

We undertake pilot projects before a final roll-out of open source implementations. Pilot projects might be a desktop level, LTSP, server migration OR implementation project.

Fitness Analysis 

Our fitness level analysis would help an organization understand how and to what level Open source and Linux will fit into their current IT and working infrastructure, even in a heterogeneous environment.

New Concepts

We undertake the study of new concepts on open source which can be integrated with current infrastructure, like SMS Gateway, VOIP etc.


We have a team of assessors and auditors for open source services incorporated in any organization, in order to understand the level to which these services are being used and whether they require fine tuning for optimum utilization.

ROI/TCO Analysis

We do return on investment (ROI) analysis for open source adoption and provide a budgetary cost of ownership over a period of time on adoption of open source technologies. So, that our client can determine optimum return earned from these technologies.

Technology evaluation

Already installed a server, everything is running smooth......But you still want your server evaluated to determine any possible enhancement? OR Whether the server is adhering to the latest technology requirement, if there is more which can be added to enhance value?

We analyze the current situation and assist you maximize server utilization to the fullest for optimum value creation.

Security audits As soon as you exposed to internet, security becomes a very major concern & we are sure that you wouldn’t be willing to compromise on it. Hence it is very essential to have regular security audits, understand the vulnerabilities and take necessary action.

Following are the security audits we would undertake to give you peace of mind.

• Footprint Analysis
• Port Scanning 
• Vulnerability Analysis
• Penetration Testing
• Securing

Allow our representative to either call you or E-Mail you for greater details about our services - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .