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Data Center Services

Cynosure Solutions offers a complete portfolio of Datacenter products, services, and strategies to better manage risk, defend against security threats, reduce power requirements, adhere to new compliance regulations, manage massive amounts of data storage, and implement disaster recovery solutions, all while keeping costs under control.  Cynosure Solutions can help you be in command of your IT system by simplifying, standardizing, optimizing, consolidating, integrating, and virtualizing systems in both existing and new facilities.

Consultants from our Datacenter Practice can help you optimize your datacenter taking into account, server and storage consolidation, management as well as the introduction of a standards based environment. We have a strong focus on Green IT helping you take advantage of your existing space while reducing power and cooling costs and delivering IT services required for business growth.

Server Virtualization can produce immediate results by consolidating underutilized computers. Cynosure Solutions service professionals help you achieve the full benefits of virtualization technology with methodically driven solutions.

• Assessments - designed to help you make informed decisions to maximize the benefits of virtualization in your unique environment. After an assessment,  Cynosure Solutions experts will have identified the full scope of solution options and will provide recommendations for maximizing value.
• Design - sets the path for success by providing a comprehensive and detailed server consolidation architecture and implementation plan based on our field experience. At the conclusion of the design engagement, you will have a complete understanding of how the solution can be implemented successfully in your environment with minimal end-user disruption.
• Implementation -  Cynosure Solutions experts work with your team to implement your complete server consolidation solution - hardware and software - so that you can quickly capture the value of the solution.
• Support -  Cynosure Solutions Lifecycle Support Services provides a suite of robust offerings, covering both system support and maintenance.

When to Use Datacenter Services

Cynosure Solutions Datacenter Services should be used when there is no budget for more resources and pressure is added to wring more utilization from existing resources. The skills required in these areas of specialization are not quickly developed. This is why it is important to partner with a company that has real world experience in diverse environments; an experienced partner mitigates risk.

• When an organization needs to obtain the ROI from previous hardware investments
• When the number of servers and data storage grows to consume large percentages of support efforts
• When an organization acquires or divests operational units of their organization
• When data availability and recoverability are recognized as critical features of an operationally efficient IT infrastructure