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Microsoft Office 365 Migration and Deployment

In Office 365 Readiness, Assessment is the first step.

While many SMBs attempt to make the move to Microsoft's cloud platform Office 365 on their own, unfortunately, these companies are often left calling upon IT consultants after precious time and money has already been wasted. Making the switch to this cloud platform and extracting its full value in the long-term takes more than the flip of a switch, and that is why Cynosure developed the signature Office 365 Readiness Assessment. The assessment is the first step to ensuring that the actual migration and deployment of Office 365 is on scope, on budget and seamless for your staff.

Cynosure's signature Office 365 Readiness Assessment provides you with a roadmap for implementing Office 365 within your specific IT environment. Our team of experienced and certified cloud consultants listen to your unique business goals (i.e. mobility, productivity, reduced hardware spending) and align the objectives with the proper cloud model and Office 365 suite for your needs.

Why Cynosure Solutions:

To migrate an IT infrastructure or application to the cloud environment, Cynosure undertakes a migration feasibility assessment considering factors such as technical feasibility, suitability, maturity and cost benefits. The migration feasibility analysis, checks for IT infrastructure and application readiness in terms of porting it to the cloud to assess business and technical impact. Cynosure is able to cut down the time while making the transition to the cloud risk-free by ensuring that the migration assessment takes into consideration application migration, data migration and cloud deployment. Cloud security services are also implemented to secure the cloud environment to prevent security breaches and be compliant to local regulations.

Cynosure's Approach:

Our migration framework is a five step process which has a well-defined artifacts and deliverable at every stage. Our strong alliance strategy and investments in tooling ensure that migration of applications to cloud is predictable and risk free.

· Design and Plan: Architect a cloud design for the identified workload to meet the objectives.

· Pilot: Architect a cloud design for the identified workload to meet the objectives.

· Implement: Full scale implementation on cloud and migration of applications, data and users.

· Test and Benchmark: Test, tune and benchmark performance. UAT and sign-off.

· Go-live: Post implementation monitoring, management and continous optimizations and enhancements.

Cynosure Solution’s system integration solutions are already yielding great benefits to Financial, Manufacturing, Engineering and Trading and Educational institutions where it has helped in improving connectivity and customer satisfaction.

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