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Wireless Security

With the increased use of mobile technologies and wireless networking organizations are forced to deploy wireless network security systems to protect their networks and users from malicious activity.

Cynosure Solutions builds wireless security solutions that protect the network against wireless threats by incorporating wireless intrusion protection into the network infrastructure. Our solutions provide unmatched wireless network visibility to administrators, and thwarts malicious wireless attacks, impersonations, and intrusions.

Cynosure Solutions Offers:

Integrated Wireless Intrusion or Dedicated Wireless Intrusion Prevention- Clients can choose an integrated wireless intrusion detection and prevention platform to reduce deployment costs and management. Or they can augment an existing wireless deployment with dedicated sensors for IDS/IPS.

Automatic Wireless Threat Protection- Automatic threat mitigation protects the network from unauthorized clients and ad hoc networking by continuously scanning the network environment, centrally evaluating forensic data, and actively containing rogues and locking down device configuration.

Custom Built Security Policies- To fit the organizations criteria and security levels. Customizable security policies allow the flexibility to define organization-specific security policies by criteria such as location, device or configuration.

Cynosure Solutions Wireless Protection Solution Offerings include:

• Secure Wireless LAN setup
• Wireless Intrusion Detection
• Wireless Intrusion Prevention
• Denial-of-service (DOS) Attack Prevention
• Rogue AP Protection
• Rogue Threat Detection
• Rogue Identification and Containment
• Rule-based Rogue Classification
• WLAN scanning
• Report Customization
• Notifications & Alerts
• Log Assessment