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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) Consulting Services

Cynosure Solutions Business Continuity Management offers a range of consulting services that assist organisations in implementing Business Continuity Programmes that safeguard the interests of their key stakeholders, by managing to build resilience and the capability for effective responses to potential impacts that may threaten the organisation.

These services are aimed to assist organisations to effectively develop and implement a BCM policy, BCM strategies and BCM Plans.

BCM Programme Implementation Support

Cynosure Solutions’ approach to BCM implementation support is based on the principles of the British Standard Institute’s Publically Available Specification – BS 25999.

Our implementation approach involves the following phases: 

Business Impact Analysis

The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is the foundation upon which the whole BCM process is built.  Cynosure Solutions BIA services assist organisations to identify, quantify and qualify the business impacts of a loss, interruption or disruption of business processes on an organisation and provide the data from which appropriate continuity strategies can be determined.

The BIA identifies mission-critical areas and business processes that are crucial to the survival of business and then analyses financial and operational impact to business if these processes are interrupted as a result of a disaster.  Overall, the BIA raises senior management’s awareness of undesirable consequences and potential operational risk and helps to justify the need for a business continuity plan.

The BIA helps organisations to:

• Obtain an understanding of the organisation's most critical objectives, the priority of each and the timeframes for resumption of the unscheduled interruption.
• Inform a management decision on Maximum Tolerable Outage for each function
• Provide the resource information from which an appropriate recovery strategy can be determined / recommended
• Outline dependencies that exist both internally and externally to achieve critical objectives

Information Security Management Consulting Services

Cynosure Solutions Information Security Consulting services provide a structured, practical, results-oriented approach that assists organisations in all aspects of developing, implementing or managing an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Covering the full lifecycle of Information Security Management, Cynosure Solutions’ consulting services can include creating policies and standards, achieving ISO 27001 compliance. Cynosure Solutions can also support your organisation through full or partial outsourcing of your ISMS.

Cynosure Solutions has extensive experience in developing security management systems in both private and public sector organisations. Some of the key activities we're able to address include:

• Reviews of existing policies and procedures against industry best practice
• Risk assessment and change control procedures
• Definition of security policies and standards
• Achieving compliance with ISO 27001
• Security incident reporting processes and response strategy
• Building a security culture within an organisation through awareness and training
• Monitoring internal compliance to security policies
• Maintaining corporate compliance to regulatory or legislative requirements
• Recruitment, training and mentoring of ISMS staff
• Outsourcing of your ISMS 

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