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Server Solutions

Choosing the Right Server 

With so many different types of servers on the market, choosing the right server for your business can be a daunting task. Our experienced consultants can help take the pain out of this selection process by carefully identifying your business needs and then specifying a server solution based on a number of criteria including number of end-users, software requirements, performance, mission criticality, scalability, efficiency, physical environment and of course budget. Our engineers have expertise with a wide range of server applications from simple file/print servers to web servers, database servers and network domain controllers with new and existing active directory implementations. 

High Availability Systems

Due to the mission critical nature of server systems, it is important to maximize availability and eliminate costly downtime. Ensuring that there is built-in redundancy is especially important when it comes to servers. We recommend implementing redundancies at all possible levels including hard drive, memory, network card and power supply. This increases availability and ensures that the server should continue to function even in the event of certain component failures.

Server Operating Systems

Our engineers work extensively with Microsoft Server operating systems including Windows 2003 SBS, Standard and Enterprise Editions and the newest Windows 2008 server operating system. We have also experience with open source operating systems including various Unix and Linux distributions.

Server Installations

Along with supplying business servers we also offer a professional server installation service. Our certified technical staff can install and configure your new server with security, application software and network configuration. This service can be arranged for out of hours to reduce downtime to your business.

Features and Benefits:

•  Setup and installation
•  User Administration
•  SharePoint Configuration
•  Domain Management
•  Microsoft Security Updates
•  Policy Configuration
•  Exchange Setup
•  Security Configuration
•  Backup Configuration